Lenka Chludov√°
Nationality: Czech



Masters of Fine Arts, Studio for Interrelated Media department, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA. Graduated in May 2009.

Bachelor in Fine Arts, Audiovisual Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Masters in Applied Ethics at the University Utrecht, The Netherlands. Graduated Cum Laude in August 2005.

Bachelor of Arts, University College Utrecht, The Netherlands. Graduated Cum Laudae in May 2003.

International Baccalaureate at the United World College of the American West, Montezuma, New Mexico. Graduated in May 2000.

Misplaced Survival Series Artist Statement

May 2009

Misplaced Survival is a series of performative and interactive artworks in which live actions trigger and respond to a technology embedded environment. It activates spaces where we may rediscover our primal self, and equipped by this centered sense, make choices within our contemporary life.

The artworks explore our primal self not as a romanticized original pre-technological entity, but as self bound and informed by its physicality and driven towards its spirituality. The explorations bring forth our ambiguity. While experienced as particular to each of us, our bodies consist of the same elements and processes as the rest of nature. The sounds of air and water within us are no different from the sounds of these elements in the environment from primordial to technological time. While vulnerable we are designed to endure. The instincts to lick our blood or refrain from harmfully loud actions guide us even when we are not consciously clear on how to act. And while the primal self is reliable, we can ignore it, such as when the determination to keep moving as fast and for as long as possible can silence alerting signs of the body in abnormal conditions.

Our primal self is constantly being tested and redirected by the pressures and currents of our contemporary life conditions. The anxieties we feel in the face of constant change make us susceptible to accept established strategies that supposedly assure safety from discomforting change. We put ourselves under such pressures to participate in these strategies that much of what we have to do now is merely trying to survive the consequences of what we began to do in order to survive in the first place. This is a misplaced survival. As the primal selves, we know that there is more to a human life than moving as fast and for as long as possible, because at the end of that move are no fanfares of victory, merely a collapse.

The situations of the Misplaced Survival series face us with the same choices as the contemporary condition, but in a language that bonds the primal self with the technological contemporary condition. In live events technology is used to construct a logic for sonic and visual space so that we are related to the environment by feedback, the basis of intelligence. In interactive installations we can influence what video and sound fill the space and react to the results created. In these experiences of feedback relationship to the environment, multiple layers of our primal self, that is the intellectual, emotional, bodily and subconscious layers, are addressed and activated to fuel a decisive intelligence, which in turn may be the source of developing an alternative to our current condition of misplaced survival.

Performances and exhibitions

* indicates curated events
updated June 17, 2009


July 31
*Video As fast as possible in a group video screening, Canada Gallery, NYC.

May 17-24
MFA Thesis Show, Bakalar gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

May 8
*Video As fast as possible in a group video screening "Speculation Elation 2", Holyoke, MA

April 14
Adaptation performance, Pozen Center for Interrelated Media, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

December 5
*The Next Generation group exhibition, Huret & Spector Gallery, Boston, MA
November 18
*Stories, A Jointissue Collaboration, Pozen Center for Interrelated Media, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA
May 5
Feels Like Home, An Evening of Performances, Videos and Installations, A Jointissue Collaboration, Pozen Center for Interrelated Media, Boston, MA
April 17
*Bend Your Time, Eventworks Festival 2008, Godine Gallery, Boston, MA
April 3
The Origin of Cooperation, with Andrew DeVecchio, Doran Gallery, Boston,MA
March 18
Dissipation performance Godine Gallery, Boston, MA
March 14
*Nature Super Nature group exhibition, Ello Gallery, Porthsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
January 19
*Performance Over Indulgence group performance event, Sticky Bun City at the Firehouse 13 Gallery, Providence, RI

November 30
Cas, Doran Gallery, Boston, MA
November 28
Something Changing, A Jointissue Collaboration, Pozen Center for Interrelated Media, Boston, MA
October 19
*Works on Paper, group exhibition, Doran Gallery, Boston, MA
September 11
*Hello My Name is… Doran Gallery, Boston, MA

May 2
Potom, beneficence festival Amnesty International, Vesela Vacice, Brno, The Czech Republic

Live Video Shows

April 17 20,000 beats under the sea, Philadelphia, PA
April 12 9:00 pm The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA,
April 9 8pm- 5am Horned Ball #6 - Paleolithikk, At Warsaw Brooklyn, NY,
April 1-4 North American Buggy Expo, Ivanpah Dry Lake, NV,
March 21 5 am Techglam, Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary, Brooklyn, NYC
March 20 10 pm-1am Glamtech, Warsaw at The Polish National Home, Williamsburg, NYC
March 8 9:00 pm The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA,
Feb 21 4 am BOOM Trike fundraiser, Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary, NYC
Feb 20 9:00 pm Bioluminescence II, Disorient, Queen of Hearts, NYC
Feb 19 10:00 pm Mad Breaks Tea Party, Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary, NYC
Feb 13 PEX Heartburn, Philadelphia, PA,
Jan 9, 2010 The Palace Theatre, Hilo, Hawaii
Jan 8, 2010 The Mixx Bistro, Kailua, Kona, Hawaii
Jan 7, 2010 Pahoa Village Cafe, Hawaii Electronic Music Festival
Dec 21, 2009 The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA,
Dec 11, 2009 Naughty - Snow Ball, Washington D.C.,
Oct 31, 09 The Philadelphia Experiment Halloween Ball, Philadelphia, PA,
Oct 21, 09 Taste of Philly, Crystal Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA
Oct 9-11, 09 Venus Music Festival, Charlotte, NC,
Sept 25-27, 09 Earthdance festival, Laytonville, CA,
Sept 12, 09 Avalon Hollywood, CA
Sept 4, 09 Heart Space, Entheon Village & The PEX stage, Burning Man, NV
Sept 3, 09 Heart Space, Entheon Village, Burning Man, NV
Sept 2, 09 The Philadelphia Experiment stage, Burning Man, NV
Aug 17, 09 Nacional Nightclub, Hollywood, CA
Aug 7, 09, Crown Room, Portland OR
Aug 6, 09, Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR
July 17-20, 09, Emrgnsee Festival, Salem, OR,
July 3-5, 09, PEX Festival, Darlington, MD,
June 15, 09 The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA
June 5, 09 Brooklyn Sanctuary, NYC,
Dec 31, 08 Gainesville, FL
May 25, 08 Squeeling Pig Bar, Boston, MA
May 17, 08 Hongkong Club, Cambridge, MA
May 2, 08 Studio Blue, Providence, RI
April 19, 08 Hongkong Club, Cambridge, MA
April 5, 08 Sheraton Hotel, Cambridge, MA

Live Music Gigs

May 31 9:30 pm with Avoxblue, The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA,
May 29 4:00pm Boom n BBQ Fundraiser, The Loom, 1087 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY
May 15 Black& Light Ball 5, Times Square Arts Center, NYC
May 2 music, The Good Bar, Ventura, CA
May 1 music, Ojai, CA
June 15, 2009 The Enormous Room, Cambridge,
with Kalimba Sound System
May 24 8:00 The Crossing, Boston, MA,
April 18 8:00 PM MassArt, Pozen Center, Boston,




Sound Art and Music