Misplaced Survival: Thesis Exhibition May 17-30

Misplaced Survival: Adaptation

sound performance
7.30 PM

Pozen Center for Interrelated Media
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

photo by Gregory Vershbow. http://www.gregoryvershbow.com/

Production assistance:
Josiah Simmons
Gregory Vershbow
Chris Carroll
Kevin Clancy
Noah Stout
Jonathan Rand

Video Documentation

Adaptation is a performance by Lenka Chludová focusing on the interaction between our actions and the environment. Each action is at first meaningful for our survival (cover, water, food, warmth, shelter) but overdone to the extent where we struggle to survive the consequences of what we began to do in order to survive in the first place. This is "Misplaced Survival". The environment in this performance piece is manifested primarily in the sounds in the space. The materials and the order of the five actions were decided according to the their sonic properties and amplified in a way that these sounds begin to feedback on themselves as each action escalates. The feedback grows throughout the performance to the point of unbearable, forcing the performer to adapt to the environment and change the course of action, go back in pursuing these tasks, in an attempt to calm down the environment and to return, now transformed, to the original state. The audience too, despite being equipped with ear plugs, is exposed to the increasingly damaging sonic environment.

Intro To What We Do When We On A Lakebed

North American Buggy eXpo
March 31-April 5, 2009
Ivanpah Dry Lake, California

music: Radiohead~National Anthem
video: Lenka Chludová

Kite Bike Love

Kite Bike Love from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.

for Olivia Harris and Blake Pelton for their 3rd year anniversary
April 7, 2009
music by Feist~My Moon, My Man
video by Lenka Chludová

Live Music Schedule

Upcoming Shows 2010
July 17 Lilly Pad, Inman Square, Cambridge, MA, with Avoxblue,
10:00 pm, www.lily-pad.net
July 21 The House of Blues Boston front room, 11:30 pm
Aug 30-Sept 6 Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV
Sept 17-19 Earthdance, Laytonville, CA


July 7 PEX Summer Festival, Darlington, Maryland, http://pexsummerfestival.com/, main stage 7/4 9-10 pm
June 11-13 (11th 2-3 pm Chillout Stage) Coalesce Festival, Darlington, MD, http://www.coalescefest.com/
May 31 9:30 pm with Avoxblue, The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA,
May 29 4:00pm Boom n BBQ Fundraiser, The Loom, 1087 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY
May 15 Black& Light Ball 5, Times Square Arts Center, NYC
May 2 The Good Bar, Ventura, CA
May 1 Ojai, CA

June 15 The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA, http://www.enormous.tv



The sky could be the earth and the earth could be the sky. In Czech, Nebe is the sky and Země the earth, but written together it means 'not without me'. This video piece is a space for our imagination, without which the earth could not be the sky and the sky the earth. In NebeZemě imagination gains power from our ability to constantly reconfigure our spatial understanding of ourselves in the environment.

This video is part of the Misplaced Survival Series.