Since December 2010 Lenka Chludová online presence about her production services is to be found on:
of Feedback Live Productions, where Lenka Chludová works as an art director since October 2010.

The new website was launched solely for her Lenkadu live music and video project
This blogspot website remains to be the online location of Lenka Chludová's fine art and sound art performance work.


Middle East Club, Cambridge, sound,
The House of Blues Boston, Production team main stage and sound engineer Foundation Room,
Paradise Rock Club Boston, sound engineer,
The Crossing Bar Boston, sound engineer, booker, promoter,

Feb 24-26 Fashion Show Overdose, Boston, MA
Feb 21 live recording Vanessa Boyd, The Crossing Bar, Boston, MA

Nov 7, 09 sound and production 'John Holland: New Music in the Pozen center', Massart, Boston, MA
July 17-20, 09, FOH main stage Emrgnsee Festival, Salem, OR,
July 10-12, 09 FOH main stage, Shady Grove, Hoarse Chorale, Eugene, OR
July 3-5, 09 FOH main stage PEX Summer Festival, Darlington, MD,
June 2009 sound design and implementation, Someone In Florida Loves Me, Paradise Factory Theatre, NYC

June 2009 Internship Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA

January 2007-May 2009 sound and video production, Pozen Center for Interrelated Media, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Proficient Audio Skills:

Live sound engineering, surround sound system setups.
Software proficiency: ProTools, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Max MSP/Jitter.


The House of Blues Boston, Production team main stage,

Feb 13 PEX Heartburn, Philadelphia, PA,
Jan 9, 2010 The Palace Theatre, Hilo, Hawaii
Jan 8, 2010 The Mixx Bistro, Kailua, Kona, Hawaii
Jan 7, 2010 Pahoa Village Cafe, Hawaii Electronic Music Festival,
Dec 21, 2009 The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA,
Dec 11, 2009 naughty-Snowball, Washington D.C.,
Oct 31, 2009 The Philadelphia Experiment Halloween Ball, Philadelphia, PA,
Oct 30 Thievery Coorporations, The Electric Factory, Philadelphia
Oct 21, 2009 6.30 PM Taste of Philly, Crystal Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA
Oct 9-11, 2009 Venus Music Festival, Charlotte, NC,
Sept 25-27, 2009 Earthdance festival, Laytonville, CA,
Sept 12, 2009 Avalon Hollywood, CA
Sept 4, 2009 Heart Space, Entheon Village, Burning Man, NV
Sept 3, 2009 Heart Space, Entheon Village, Burning Man, NV
Sept 2, 2009 The Philadelphia Experiment stage, Burning Man, NV
August 17, 2009 Nacional Nightclub, Hollywood, CA
Aug 7, 2009, Crown Room, Portland OR
Aug 6, 2009, Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR
July 17-20, 2009, Emrgnsee Festival, Salem, OR,
July 3-5, 2009, PEX Festival, Darlington, MD,
June 15, 2009 The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA,
June 5, 2009 The Vitamin Breaks, Brooklyn, NY,

Proficient Video Skills

Professional video projection.
Software proficiency: Final Cut Pro, VDMX, Max MSP/Jitter, DVD Studio Pro, incl. BlueRay DVD with surround sound.