Pinecone Creature

video documentation of a live performance in Ello Gallery, Portsmouth, New Hamsphire, U.S.

Pinecone Creature from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.

I made this pinecone dress based on an image of a pinecone creature i had while walking in a forest on Elba, Italy in the summer of 2007. I did not know what this creature was about until i spent months making this dress, when it occurred to me that she is about taking time and living in a slow pace.
When I performed in the dress in Portsmouth I therefore tried to make the pinecone creature live in a slow manner and to activate a parallel reality for the visitors where things happen very slowly. I slowly moved from the inside to the outside of the gallery space, gradually bringing out a few loose pinecones that were on the floor of the gallery space.
The clicking sounds in the background are sounds of pinecones popping i recorded when they were 'ageing', that is drying out in my studio in Boston.

These pinecones are from Cape Cod.
I would not be able to make this piece without the help of Katrine Burkitt and Noah Stout and without the support of Carl Ahlstrom and Pete Froslie.