Přešlapování na místě

sound and video piece

Preslapovani na miste
sound piece only

Přešlapování na místě from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.
sound and video piece
starts as sound piece only, image comes in at 2'22"

Artist Statement:

Přešlapování na místě is a Czech expression for the indecision when stepping from one foot to another for too long. This piece is about coming to the ocean tormented by decisions to be made and finding a resolution in the voice of the ocean.
It starts as a mere sound piece, with footsteps indicating the presence of a person on the beach, close sounds of the sea water among beach rocks and long vocal calling. These are layered into a rich dynamic texture that makes it possible to sense the ocean without having to see it. At around two minutes, the sound cuts out to leave the viewer in silence with the image of a stormy ocean, this time allowing her or him to hear the ocean without having to be given a sound. When the image zooms the closest into the water, the sound comes in with a wave and we are enveloped in the images and sounds of a stormy ocean. The vocal calling from the first part of the piece reemerges, yet this time as if from within the ocean waters. Embraced by the element, the decisions on the shore may now be less tormenting.

This piece was shot with the help of Andrew DeVecchio in New Hampshire in the autumn of 2007.