video performance piece
January 2008

Artist Statement
This piece developed from a single image I envisioned: a person with a suitcase walks into a wide open landscape, puts it down, sits on it still for as long as it feels right, stands up and walks out into the land. I knew that this happened in many locations. More I did not know exactly, but I was compelled to make the image.
The first moment I placed the camera, I realized the image was not about the person, but about the landscape and the person within the landscape. They were both equally important. I wanted to take the viewer into a place through the person, but the moment she sits down the viewer's attention is directed into the landscape, allowing the viewer to contemplate it along with the performer. The moment she stands up to lift the suitcase, the viewer's look is pulled back towards the person again. It follows her figure as she walks on out into the land and progressively refocuses onto the traveler's unison with the land.

This video consists of acts at five different locations. Each location is posted here as a separate video piece.

There: Plateau

There: Plateau from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.

There: Dry Land

'There': Dry Land from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.

There: Dunes
There: Dunes from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.

There: Meadow

'There': Meadow from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.

There: Forest

There: Forest from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.

There: Sea

There: Sea from Lenka Chludova on Vimeo.